Low Cost Website Development Service

For individuals and small businesses with low budgets.

Hi there! I'm Hung Tran, a freelance website developer from Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam.

I have worked on many simple websites built with popular content management systems (CMS) like Joomla! and WordPress. The cost for these types of websites are pretty high because it takes much time to build and maintain, even when the sites have only a few pages. Small businesses and individuals who can't afford these high prices look for other cheaper solutions, but they are trapped in hidden costs and the final cost they spend for their websites are not less.

I understood the importance of having a website, especially for businesses, so I started providing a web development service which builds quality websites but still keep the cost as low as possible, and give site owners peace of mind in maintenance of their websites.

It is easy to have a low cost but quality website!

Just tell me what you need, I do everything for you, you just need to relax, enjoy your peace of mind and you have a website.

Many Web Designs

I have many pre-made websites and templates for you to choose and save development time. The less time I spend to build your site, the less you pay me.

Domain And Hosting

I provide domain registration and hosting services. You don't need to search and register these services by yourself.

Free Setup

I help you do all the task to make your site running: register new domain, configure your hosting, upload and install your site. All is free!

Painless Maintenance

You don't need to fix your site when it is slow or not accessible, I do everything keep your website running stably.

Effortless Update

Although you can log into your site and edit the content, but if you don't have time, I can do that for you with no extra cost.

Low Cost To Improve

If wou want to add new features to your site, I can help you with $15.00/hour. Depending on how complex the features are, you have chance to have them with only $15.00.

Why Is The Cost So Low?

Because I'm freelancer and I love building websites.

$15.00 Hourly Rate

I don't provide any fixed website development packages which could over-charge you. You only pay me $15.00 for every hour I spend to build your websites.

Lowest Domain and Hosting Costs

My server hosting is fast, stable, has more useful features and tools but I try to provide the cost for it and domain registration as low as I can.

Grav CMS

I don't build your website with popular CMSs like Joomla! and Wordpress which are popular targets of hackers, requires more works to maintain and are overkill for your simple websites. I use Grav which has no database to hack, simple to work with, extremely fast and powerful.

pre-made Websites

I have many pre-built websites for you to choose and start with. This saves a lot of development time, so you save money.

Contact Me

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.