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An 80 acre island that once had it's own king, navy, and airline. True!
Ile Tintamarre, often known locally as "Flat Island", seemingly has had three periods of at least transitory activity. The first was in the 18th century when, after the French had retrieved it from the English, who had held it for some 40 years. There was approximately 150 inhabitants. Then, like so much of the land on both the Dutch and French sides, it came into the possession of the Van Romondt family. The final phase came in the middle of the Twentieth century, when Tintamarre heralded the development of air transportation in this area, which we take for granted today.
The Flat Island
There are many rumours about U boat activity around Tintamarre during World War 11. French St.Martin was like other French islands in the area, under the control of the Vichy French. The shallow waters around Tintamarre may have allowed the subs to sit on the bottom and "snorkel" while their diesel engines recharged their batteries. However as the war progressed attacking the more strategic Allied trade with the refineries on Curacao and Aruba, the invention of sonar and over-stretched Nazi logistics would have limited operations in this area.
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