Welcome to Peace Of Mind Website!

Peace Of Mind Website is low cost website development service from Hung Tran, a freelance web developer from Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam.

In the era of the internet, tablets and mobile phones, businesses need websites for marketing and to earn more customers, even if they don't sell products or services online.

However the cost to have a website, even a simple one, is pretty high for small businesses because sometimes they pay for the things they don't need.

That's why I started my website development service to help individuals and small businesses to have their own websites with the lowest cost and not to worry about how to maintain the sites.

Why Choose My Service

You have a low cost but quality website without spending time for development and maintenance.

Easy To Start

I have many pre-built websites for you to choose and start with. This saves development time which is $20.00 / hour.

Low Cost

You pay as low as $260.00 for the first year. Annual cost starts from $322.00.

Peace Of Mind

You don't need to maintain your site, I help you that for $20.00 a month. New feature's development cost is $20.00 / hour.

Support Me On Patreon!

I love Grav and I would like to see Grav become popular, so each month I create 1 Grav theme and its skeleton to help Grav users have more choices to start their new websites.

The themes and the skeletons which I build are available for free download at my Github repository and getgrav.org .

Because building and maintaining these Grav themes and skeletons take time and coffee (much much coffee), I hope you could give me your support to keep doing this work, instead of using my time for other works and earn more income, I would like to help Grav grow and see more beautiful websites built.

Contact Me

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.